Your journey with us

Working together as a team, we will look at where your business is at the moment, what your aspirations are and then how we can all help to get your business there.

We run our sessions in 6x modules every two week and we are currently offering a pay as you go option for each module. This helps you with cashflow, but also proves our commitment to make sure you see real benefits from each module. This is strictly for a limited time period though so enquire now.

Each module is designed around your specific needs, which we will discover and agree prior to starting. You will also have tasks to take-away and complete to keep the momentum going inbetween sessions. Some modules take a little more time than others, but they are all designed to make sure you see the BENEFIT and we work towards TRANSFORMING your business.

Below is a very brief overview of the work we will do together in each module:



After completing our unique ‘Discovery Questionnaire’ we will talk through your current position and set our target of where you want your business to be. We will review the last 12 months to discover what works, look at your idea life and drill down into why you are passionate about what you do, your core values and goals.



We will work together to find out your ideal client so we can build a process to attract them.

Who do you enjoy working with? where do you make the most money? and most importantly – what problems does your business solve?



We will perform a marketing review and look at how your business and brand is portrayed to the outside world. Does it give the right impression? – is the message consistent? Now we know your ideal clients and the problems that you solve – does your brand convey the right impression? can you be found?



Every good business must know their numbers. We will look at your costs, breakeven points, profitability and overheads.

We will do exercises to see what small changes can be made to make a big impact to your bottom line and discover the 2 numbers in your business that you MUST know.



Our team are all master networkers and we will work through how you can increase your contacts. We look at who your ideal referral partners are, how best to ask for testimonials and recommendations.

We will also work together on our ‘black book’ with a view to introducing you to our extensive global network, built up over many years.



We will look at how we go about landing your ideal clients. How to open up opportunities that will turn into paying clients.

Our world class sales training will show you how to ask open and closed questions to get a positive decision and land that big contract.

There will be no stopping you!


We don’t work with everyone


Are you ready to travel the extra mile?

Inspiire are dedicated to your success. Our team have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are here to help you on your journey to success. Inspiire will work with you for as long as you need our support, and offer a range of add-on journeys that could help you and your business.

Below is a brief overview of the work we could do together in each module. If any of these journeys interest you then please let us know.


Mastering Your Mindset

The difference between who you are and who you want to become stems from your mindset.

We will work with you on your mindset so you can become laser focused on your goals and most significantly – achieve them!


LinkedIn Lead Generation

We will work together to optimise your profile to attract the right connections. You’ll also discover the exact step-by-step method to generate leads and sales for our own business.


Facebook Ad Accelerator

We will work together to produce everything you need to plan, craft, run and optimise profitable Facebook Adverts for your business, to generate a steady flow of leads, enquiries and sales.


High Ticket Sales Funnels

Every business should have a sales funnel in order to convert website visitors into paying customers. Your primary goal with your sales funnel is to move people from one stage to another until they are ready to purchase. Inspiire will work with you to develop a funnel that converts.


Video Marketing Workshop

Learn why video is so important to your business. We will then work together offering step-by-step support on how to record, import, edit, caption and publish your videos, PLUS the key strategic plays you should be making when it comes to using video in your business.


Re-marketing and Pixel Tracker

One of the most powerful marketing tools in the world, the Facebook Pixel is key to your success if you want to drive people to your website or landing pages. We will work with you to increase your online enquiries and sales.